About Us

We are a private organization focused on creating new age technology solutions for education industry. BrainGroom India Pvt Ltd is a partially owned subsidiary of the Singapore based parent company BrainGroom Pvt Ltd.

Braingroom is our online marketplace for educational & lifestyle classes which is transparent & safe for users to choose a specific class from wide variety of classes and it is also a hassle- free portal for tutors & academies to post classes.

BrainGroom is currently under FB SheLeadsTech India mentorship program

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide easy access for all users looking for skill development courses across various fields and also to provide an effective platform for tutors & academies to create a comprehensive online teaching profile & to create a brand for themselves.

Our Mission Statement
  1. To connect superior trainers across the globe to niche target segments across the nation through our robust training aggregation portal.
  2. To bring all learning events, activities, classes and sessions to a common platform.
  3. To help people gift others one or more learning sessions as a symbol of "Knowledge sharing".
  4. To help connect with people with similar learning interests in their city or in their locality.