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Diet counselling | Adults | 2sessions

₹ 1000

   Individual Class

      Anna Nagar


Diet counselling | Adults | 2sessions

By : Hema Deenadayalan

Flexible Class

2 Sessions

2 Hours

As a Nutrition and Diet counselor, Hema has profound experience in planning, developing, and implementing the nutritional aspects of individual care of all ages. The sessions help you in understanding the nutritional demands of the body and ways to develop healthy food habits. Along with main course meals, Snacks also account for a significant portion in our food cycle. Hence it is important to know which food to eat, in what quantities and with a little creativity, you can make it delicious as well. Hema will help you organize your diet plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   More

Weight Loss Programme |  Adults | Beginners | 10 Days

₹ 4000

   Individual Class



Weight Loss Programme | Adults | Beginners | 10 Days

By : Colt Karate N Yoga

Flexible Class

10 Sessions

10 Hours

Fitness adds value to facial beauty. Women face a lot of problems due to excessive weight. Do want to lose your weight? Well! You are the right place. 'Colt karate n yoga' is the best and safe place to reduce you weight. What are you still waiting for? Get into our academy and reduce your weight just within 10 days. Details and Timings: 10 hours of class for beginners. 1 hour per session. We are open on weekdays as well as on weekends. Monday – Saturday: 9am-7.30pm | Sunday: 7am-11am. Flexible Timings. Classes will vary for advanced level courses. Morning classes are beneficial For Adults only.   More

Diet | For weight loss and weight gain | 4 sessions

₹ 3500