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Robotic Learning - Foundation & Beginner Level Kits | 40 Hours

₹ 9099

   Individual Class



Robotic Learning - Foundation & Beginner Level Kits | 40 Hours

By : Kidobotikz

Flexible Class

40 Sessions

40 Hours

FOUNDATION LEVEL KIT: KICKSTART YOUR CHILD'S ROBOTIC LEARNING WITH BASIC ELECTRONICS -THE BRAIN OF ALL ROBOTS. We don't believe in giving a big kit to you and just letting your child assemble it and exclaim!! Wow- your child has done a robot! We, rather, start with the basics and make sure your child's first step is so firm on the grounds of the technical world! BEGINNER LEVEL KIT: THE FIRST ROBOT-YOUR CHILD MUST BE EXCITED. IT'S ALL ABOUT MECHANICAL DESIGNING THIS TIME! Having learnt a little on the electronics field, your child will plunge deep into the concepts of the mechanical ocean of gears, engineering drawing, grip, torque. Power and more! Another great news-he will do his first robot which will be capable of even picking things for him!   More

Robotics | 30 days

₹ 4000

   Individual Class