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Total Sessions: 20 | Total Hours: 15 Hours

1. Introduction(1 Session)
Course structure, brief intro about Python, Advantages, Applications and Opportunities.
2. Installation and Execution(1 Session)
Setup and Execution, Interactive Prompts, OS terminals, IDEs, IDLE and explanation of Jupyter Notebooks.
3. Variables and Datatypes(1 Session)
Naming Variables, Functions, Classes etc.,
4. Numbers and Operator(1 Session)
Integers, Floating point numbers, Complex, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Long.
5. Strings and String functions - Part 1(1 Session)
Represent Characters, Words or Sentences, Single, Double or Triple Quotes.
6. Strings and String functions - Part 2(1 Session)
7. Strings and String functions - Part 3(1 Session)
String Functions
8. Lists(1 Session)
List Indexing, List Slicing, Task, List Append, List Clear, List Extend
9. Dictionaries(1 Session)
Key-Value Pairs, Syntax, Unordered
10. Sets and Tuples(1 Session)
Unordered Collection, Can contain numbers, strings or tuples, Represented using, Repetitions not allowed, Operations resemble set theory in mathematics.
11. Statements & Conditionals(1 Session)
Assignments, Function statements, Control statements, Namespaces, Generators, Exceptions, Debuggers, Context managers, Import Statements, Object declarations.
12. Loops(1 Session)
Conditional Statement & Loop Statement.
13. Statements & Conditionals Part 2(1 Session)
Continuation of Statements & Conditionals Part 2.
14. Functions - Part 1(1 Session)
Functions Intro & Arguments.
15. Functions - Part 2(1 Session)
Variable Scopes.
16. Exception Handling and Modules(1 Session)
Exception Handling and Modules.
17. Classes(1 Session)
Introduction to OOP, Classes, Objects.
18. Application 1 (1 Session)
Project Intro, Text Files, Quiz & Quiz Solutions and JSON and XML Files
19. Application 2 (1 Session)
Reading CSV Data and Writing to Excel File.
20. Application 3 (1 Session)
HTTP & API Requests
Is this yet another online course? NO. This is Braingroom's signature 'Nudge factor' program.
Wait, what is a Nudge factor program? Your course completion is our end goal. Our commitment to you doesnt just end when you buy the course. We are committed to get you to COMPLETE this course within a timeframe (thats mutually agreed upon while you sign up with us). We also carve out a personalized study plan for you based on many parameters, to ensure that your time is well utilised. We very well understand that you, as a working professional, will already be working for 9-10 hours a day. So, we guarantee that the 1-2 hours (daily) that you decide to invest with us, will be put to your good use.
Highlights of Braingroom's Nudge factor program:
1. You will have a dedicated and personal mentor who will be in touch with you daily (through whatsapp) and help you stay motivated to complete your daily lesson targets. Why whatsapp? Well, we promised to nudge you to complete the course and we find whatsapp perfect for this.
2. You will receive a FREE personalized study plan (based on your availability, target and comfort level). You and your mentor will be following this schedule very religiously.
3. Our mentor's goal will be to help you complete this course.
Python course is completely crafted and handled by an industry expert cum Trainer who has own company in Learning and Development Industry. Mr Kamalesh kishore, CEO of Kalviakam Education Services LLP, Chennai and Tollun Technologies LLP, Chennai has vast experience in conducting Python training programs in many colleges in Chennai. He is also working as a Freelance developer for many MNC's.
Following are the specialties of the program:
1. We have a live prime time questions support in the app itself with the tutor
2. 20 minute rule Quiz questions on topics learned in the interval of every twenty minutes
3. Weekly assignments and prereading / postreading content will be shared as project material
4. Curated course conducted with inputs from industry experts
5. Internship opportunities for students qualifying the final evaluation, We are partnering with several tech startups across India to give students real time work experience
6. Internship with various startups in India for individuals who clears Company's assessment
7. Tutor time Live Q & A Session with Tutor once a week
8. Online classes can be taken at any time, any where as per the learner convenience & availability
Course covers everything starting from basics to advanced of Python Concepts. Even Students without basic Python understanding can easily grasp concepts as everything is being taught from basics in a detailed manner.
The Python course will cover the following topic such as Execution, Variables and Numbers, Strings, Conditionals, Functions, OOPS etc.,
Python Programming course will cover following topics:
- Introduction - Course structure, brief intro about Python, Advantages, Applications and Opportunities
- Execution - Setup and Execution, Interactive Prompts, OS terminals, IDEs, IDLE and explanation of Jupyter Notebooks
- Variables and Datatypes, Numbers and Operators
- Strings and String functions - Part 1
- Strings and String functions - Part 2
- Lists
- Dictionaries
- Sets and Tuples
- Conditionals
- Loops
- Comprehensions
- Functions - part 1 (Arguments, Scopes)
- Functions - part 2 (Function calls, recursion, lambda functions)
- Introduction to OOPS
- Classes
- Exception handling
- Pip and Common modules (os, sys, datetime, requests, sql libraries)
- File Handling and operations (Text, CSV, JSON and Excel file)
- Web scraping using Python
- Regular Expressions in Python
Python Tutor:-
Course is designed and taught by Mr Kamalesh Kishore, an industry expert cum Trainer who is the CEO of two companies - Kalviakam Education Services LLP and Tollin Technologies LLP, Chennai. His vast knowledge has attracted the interest of several prestigious colleges in Chennai and they have partnered up with him for training their students. He also does consult for companies.
Braingroom Skill Centre:-
Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentorship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being an education and learning platform where we have a wide offering of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of up skilling India's youth.
With 10000+ Learners, 10000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and 6000+ Tutors listed and with an experience of having trained 15000+ students, Braingroom Skill centre shall provide the content for this course.
Reviews (10)
16 September 2019
This online class was a great way for me to finish this python course and with this nudge method I learned fast subject now I am very clear on python subject
11 September 2019
Handling the WhatsApp method is very helpful and easy to communicate.
01 September 2019
I have joined a lot of online classes so far but this nudge method is a great way for students to study.
22 August 2019
Python is a tough lesson but I learned it easily with this nudge method.
09 August 2019
Very nice course and good method to study
Rahul Munna
Rahul Munna
02 August 2019
This tutor is highly experienced so his teaching method is excellent.
சபியுல்லா கரீம்
சபியுல்லா கரீம்
30 July 2019
The quality in video and audio is excellent.
nandakishor ps
nandakishor ps
21 July 2019
He has explained in detail how to install Python.
Rajender Perampally
Rajender Perampally
12 July 2019
This is an excellent course for beginners.
Nishant Saraswat
Nishant Saraswat
03 July 2019
I have gained a lot of experience in this Python class. Thanks Braingroom

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