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Total Sessions: 20 | Total Hours: 15 Hours

1. Introduction(1 Session)
Course structure, brief intro about Python, Advantages, Applications and Opportunities
2. Installation and Execution(1 Session)
Setup and Execution, Interactive Prompts, OS terminals, IDEs, IDLE and explanation of Jupyter Notebooks
3. Variables and Datatypes(1 Session)
Naming Variables, Functions, Classes etc.,
4. Numbers and Operator(1 Session)
Integers, Floating point numbers, Complex, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Long.
5. Strings and String functions - Part 1(1 Session)
Represent Characters, Words or Sentences, Single, Double or Triple Quotes
6. Strings and String functions - Part 2(1 Session)
7. Strings and String functions - Part 3(1 Session)
String Functions
8. Lists(1 Session)
List Indexing, List Slicing, Task, List Append, List Clear, List Extend
9. Dictionaries(1 Session)
Key-Value Pairs, Syntax, Unordered
10. Sets and Tuples(1 Session)
Unordered Collection, Can contain numbers, strings or tuples, Represented using, Repetitions not allowed, Operations resemble set theory in mathematics.
11. Statements & Conditionals(1 Session)
Assignments, Function statements, Control statements, Namespaces, Generators, Exceptions, Debuggers, Context managers, Import Statements, Object declarations.
12. Loops(1 Session)
Conditional Statement & Loop Statement
13. Statements & Conditionals Part 2(1 Session)
Continuation of Statements & Conditionals Part 2
14. Functions - Part 1(1 Session)
Functions Intro & Arguments
15. Functions - Part 2(1 Session)
Variable Scopes
16. Exception Handling and Modules(1 Session)
Exception Handling and Modules
17. Classes(1 Session)
Introduction to OOP, Classes, Objects
18. Application 1(1 Session)
Project Intro, Text Files, Quiz & Quiz Solutions and JSON and XML Files
19. Application 2(1 Session)
Reading CSV Data and Writing to Excel File
20. Application 3(1 Session)
HTTP & API Requests
Why should learning be through a portal? Can't learning be in a simple way as you access your social media or play online games? Braingroom's answer for these questions is this program. With this we aim to provide the learners easy accessibility to online courses by giving them a 2-way access to a content. The learner can either go the conventional way by learning through the portal or chat with the whatsapp bot and get whatever lesson he needs in a chat. More than that, this program includes learning schedules, Whatsapp quizzes, Assessments, Socio-learning and much more!
Following are the specialties of the program:
1. Two-way learning access to the course content
2. Curated course conducted with inputs from industry experts
3. Short videos as lessons within your chat screen
4. Learn anywhere anytime with the help of a bot
5. 20 minute rule Quiz questions on topics learned in the interval of every twenty minutes
6. Weekly assignments and prereading / postreading content will be shared as project material
7. Discuss with your fellow learners through learning groups
8. Internship opportunities for students qualifying the final evaluation, We are partnering with several tech startups across India to give students real time work experience
9. Internship with various startups in India for individuals who clears Company's assessment
Course covers everything starting from basics to advanced of Python Concepts. Even Students without basic Python understanding can easily grasp concepts as everything is being taught from basics in a detailed manner.
The Python course will cover the following topic such as Execution, Variables and Numbers, Strings, Conditionals, Functions, OOPS etc.,
Python Programming course will cover following topics:
- Introduction - Course structure, brief intro about Python, Advantages, Applications and Opportunities
- Execution - Setup and Execution, Interactive Prompts, OS terminals, IDEs, IDLE and explanation of Jupyter Notebooks
- Variables and Datatypes, Numbers and Operators
- Strings and String functions - Part 1
- Strings and String functions - Part 2
- Lists
- Dictionaries
- Sets and Tuples
- Conditionals
- Loops
- Comprehensions
- Functions - part 1 (Arguments, Scopes)
- Functions - part 2 (Function calls, recursion, lambda functions)
- Introduction to OOPS
- Classes
- Exception handling
- Pip and Common modules (os, sys, datetime, requests, sql libraries)
- File Handling and operations (Text, CSV, JSON and Excel file)
- Web scraping using Python
- Regular Expressions in Python
Python Tutor:-
Course is designed and taught by Mr Kamalesh Kishore, an industry expert cum Trainer who is the CEO of two companies - Kalviakam Education Services LLP and Tollin Technologies LLP, Chennai. His vast knowledge has attracted the interest of several prestigious colleges in Chennai and they have partnered up with him for training their students. He also does consult for companies.
Braingroom Skill Centre:-
Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentorship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being an education and learning platform where we have a wide offering of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of upskilling India's youth.
With 10000+ Leaners, 10000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and 6000+ Tutors listed and with an experience of having trained 15000+ students, Braingroom Skill centre shall provide the content for this course.
Reviews (20)
12 September 2020
Even Quizzes and Assessments on whatsapp was so convenient. Can extend for other courses also.
04 September 2020
Getting nudges as per your schedule which actually reminds everyday that you have something unfinished. Helpful!
Abhishek Mandale
Abhishek Mandale
01 September 2020
Should try if you are a person who has booked for courses and unable to complete it. Coz, I'm one of that kind and I've completed this.
Lorenzo Lawson
Lorenzo Lawson
30 August 2020
A new way of learning through a messenger. All my doubts about this programme was lost once I got into this. Its actually good. Would recommend my friends…
Riya Tank
Riya Tank
15 August 2020
Learning this python course through Whatsapp is a great idea and it gave me the flexibility of learning whenever I needed.
Prabhat Sharma
Prabhat Sharma
29 July 2019
Great course
21 July 2019
Python course gives better understanding of the topics and also the instructor is good.
16 July 2019
Its very helpful to beginners.
Gowtham pk
Gowtham pk
03 July 2019
The code editor very helpful to practice.
Rahul Raja
Rahul Raja
01 July 2019
I got placement after completing this course.
24 June 2019
I have learnt lot and the training was awesome. Now I am able to do a project on my own with the help of braingroom.
mohamed barkath
mohamed barkath
18 June 2019
The tutor was very good and he explained all the concepts of testing with real time scenario.
Lokendra Prasath
Lokendra Prasath
12 June 2019
this course helps me to get the job.
Robin Jesba
Robin Jesba
08 June 2019
once done the course they have provided me the certification and internship opportunity.
Eshwar prasad bingi
Eshwar prasad bingi
02 June 2019
31 May 2019
I can learn at my free time. Thanks braingroom.
Apoorva Gupta
Apoorva Gupta
25 May 2019
The Python audio and video are very good.
19 May 2019
A very easy introduction to advanced programming for those who want to get started to get a taste of programming.
Alfin Abu
Alfin Abu
11 May 2019
excellent teacher and his teaching style is good so far on the entire braingroom website.
Sneha GD
Sneha GD
05 May 2019
I am very much confident in python programming after learning the python online course through braingroom.

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