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1. Linux Introduction(1 Session)
Linux history and Linux distribution
2. Linux file system - Part 1(1 Session)
Linux file system and commands
3. Linux file system and commands- Part 2(1 Session)
Explanation of Linux commands
4. Linux file system and commands - Part 3(1 Session)
Explanation of Linux commands
5. Introduction to GUI (Graphic User interface / Desktop(1 Session)
Linux Desktop, Login and walk around GUI
6. Linux file system and commands - Part 4(1 Session)
Explanation of Linux commands
7. Linux file system and commands - Part 4(1 Session)
Explanation of Linux commands
8. Linux file system and commands - Part 4(1 Session)
Explanation of Linux commands
9. Disk usage and file system commands(1 Session)
Disk and file system commands
10. How to run version details(1 Session)
Checking version details
11. User Administration - Part 1(1 Session)
User Administration using UI and commands
12. User Administration - Part 2(1 Session)
User and Group Administration
13. Archive files using tar. Also zip and unzip utilities(1 Session)
Archiving and Back up
14. Network Commands(1 Session)
Explanation of Network Commands
15. How to check hardware details, CPU, Memory (1 Session)
Commands for getting System Details
16. Editing using (1 Session)
Text editor and editing using "vi" and "vim"
17. System shutdown and reboot(1 Session)
System Changing states
18. Openssh- Part 1(1 Session)
Connecting to remote systems using ssh
19. Openssh - Part 2(1 Session)
Connecting to remote systems using ssh
20. Copying Files to remote hosts ,scp and sftp(1 Session)
Copying using scp and sftp
21. SCP and SFTP(1 Session)
SCP and SFTP, System Date and commands
Are you looking for an online course to learn the nuances of Linux within a month with hands-on experience from basics to advanced level? If yes, then you are at the right place.We also help you to perfectly round off the course by getting providing internships in top companies across India to get real job experience. What are you waiting for?
Course is designed and handled by Mr. Sajeev. Through his career spanning more than 14 years, he has worked with Sun Microsystems Data Enter and Manager Sun Hardware, Solaris and Linux Servers and Clients. This course lets you learn starting everything from the Linux basics! Learn how to start and connect to your Linux lab servers, discover the various indigenous learning tools this course offers just for its students and find out the best way to put the course to work in your daily life.
Following are the specialties of the program:
1. We have a live prime time questions support in the app itself with the tutor (
2. 20minute rule Quiz questions on topics learned in the interval of every twenty minutes
3. Weekly assignments and prereading / postreading content will be shared as project material
4. Curated course conducted with inputs from industry experts
5. Internship opportunities for students qualifying the final evaluation, We are partnering with several tech startups across India to give students real time work experience
6. Tutor time Live Q & A Session with Tutor once a week
7. Online classes can be taken at any place and at any time as per the learner's convenience & availability
Course covers everything starting from basics to advanced of Linux Administration. Even Students without basic Linux understanding can easily grasp concepts as everything is being taught from basics in a detailed manner.
The Linux course will cover the following topic such as Introduction to command shell, Linux File System, Servers, System Monitoring, System backup and recovery etc.,
The Tutor:-
Sajeev had worked for several industry giants like Sun Microsystems.He has encyclopedic knowledge in automated installation, upgrade, patching of all flavours of Unix. With over 14 years of training experience under his belt he makes learning and mastering linux and easy and enjoyable process.
Braingroom Skill Centre:-
We are happy to host Mr. Sajeev energetic tutor in our portal for conducting Linux. Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentorship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being an education and learning platform where we have a wide offering of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of upskilling India's youth. With 20000+ Online Learners, 2000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and with an experience of having trained 30000+ students (Online + Offline) and expertise/Industry connects enabling 100s of Students Internships, Braingroom Skill centre stands tall among competition in the online learning space as the only complete online learning ecosystem in the country.
Reviews (12)
Pranathi Kodicherla
Pranathi Kodicherla
29 July 2019
Very good course, a must have in your Linux learning. Even if you use Linux you will like this course, expands on some previous knowledge! Great explanations.
Midhun Biju
Midhun Biju
22 July 2019
Great explanation, clear author English-speech, wide coverage of the topics.
Racha Nikhil
Racha Nikhil
17 July 2019
I already have basic knowledge in linux ,this course helped me improve my linux skills a lot!..
Vrinda Mittal
Vrinda Mittal
09 July 2019
This course explanation is very clear and easy to follow.
Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain
03 July 2019
Sajeev knows the material very well and transmits it to everyone's understanding.
Nitesh Sethi
Nitesh Sethi
30 June 2019
Very helpful information, especially for beginners.
Ajmal Aboobacker
Ajmal Aboobacker
19 June 2019
Very nice and detailed instruction
Arushi Jain
Arushi Jain
08 June 2019
This trainer is awesome.
Suman Mondal
Suman Mondal
01 June 2019
The course is designed in such a way that anybody will understand
Arun Smrt
Arun Smrt
22 May 2019
I would like to congratulate Sajeev for making such an a amazing course, very helpful and throughout.
12 May 2019
Worth my time and money
D.saivamshi sunny.d
D.saivamshi sunny.d
03 May 2019
The professor language was clear and perfectly understandable.

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