English and Communication for Success for Business Analysts, Managers - Exclusively for University Curriculum (Course+Question Bank Access)

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1. Rocket launch your Resume(1 Session)
Tips on how to create a great resume. Watch till the end for LinkedIn job search tips and freebies.
2. Parts of Sentence(1 Session)
Functional English Grammar
3. Parts of Speech - 1(1 Session)
4. Parts of Speech - 2(1 Session)
Pronoun, Adjective & Article
5. Parts of Speech - 3(1 Session)
The Verb
6. Parts of Speech - 4(1 Session)
The Adverb
7. Parts of Speech - 5(1 Session)
The Preposition
8. Parts of Speech - 6(1 Session)
The Conjunction & The Interjection
9. Verbal Ability - I(1 Session)
Spellings, Synonyms & Antonyms
10. VAT (Verbal Ability)- II(1 Session)
Error Detection - Nouns & Pronouns
11. VAT (Verbal Ability)- III(1 Session)
Error Detection - Articles & Conjunctions
12. Verbal Ability (VAT) - IV(1 Session)
Error Detection - Adjective & Adverb
13. Verbal Ability (VAT) - V(1 Session)
Error Detection - Preposition I
14. Verbal Ability (VAT) - VI(1 Session)
Fill-in the Blanks & Error Detection - Preposition - II
15. Tenses I(1 Session)
Sentence Structure for each of the Tenses.
16. Tenses II(1 Session)
Tenses under Past Tense and Future Tense
17. Tenses III(1 Session)
Definition & Usage, and Sentence Structure
18. Verbal Ability (VAT) - VII(1 Session)
Fill-in the Blanks & Error Detection
19. Active & Passive Voice(1 Session)
Various aspects of Active & Passive Voice
20. Direct & InDirect Speech(1 Session)
Various aspects of Direct & InDirect Speech
21. Types of Sentence & Their Transformations(1 Session)
Part of Sentence - (Subject, Predicate, Object/Complement & Adjuncts) and Part of Speech - (Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Preposition etc.,)
22. Degrees of Comparison & Modal Auxiliary Verbs(1 Session)
Degrees of Comparison & Modal Auxiliary Verbs, and Their Correct Usage.
23. Interrogative Sentences & Phrasal Verbs(1 Session)
Declarative or Assertive Sentences, Interrogative Sentences, Imperative Sentences and Exclamatory Sentences
24. Subject-Verb Agreement & Comprehensive Exercise Tips(1 Session)
Singular & Plural
25. Resume Preparation & Interview Success Techniques(1 Session)
Interview Techniques, Hard Skills & Soft Skill, Resume Preparation.
26. Interview Question & Answer(1 Session)
Interview Tips for Successful Interviews
27. Final Verbal Ability (1 Session)
Final Verbal Ability (VAT) - Paper I
28. Parts of Sentence(1 Session)
Final Verbal Ability (VAT) - Paper II
This course is designed exclusively to cater to universities as a stand alone curriculum
The course is made up of three facets - Curriculum, projects and Internships - to give students a well rounded education
The course is designed to be completely flexible both in pedagogy and pricing.Students can avail only those facets of the course which they are interested in i.e; either Course or projects or internship or any combination for the above three at corresponding price
Course Training - 41% of total price
Question Bank - 59% of total Price.
Course is designed and taught by Ameer Ali, Founder and Director of Ameer Associates. With 15 years of experience in teaching students, he is the most sought after Verbal trainer in the country and is highest followed person on quora in topics related to Verbal and Jon Interview Training.. This course helps you to get to master the English language and it empowers to boldly go out and express your thoughts. This course is curated keeping job placements in mind. Thus it provides intense training to crack verbal section of any competitive exam. At the end of the course, personal interview training is provided which will help you to charm your way through any Interview.
Following are the specialties of the program:
1. Course though by the most sought after verbal tutor in the country.
2. Live Q & A Session with Tutor once a week
3. Self assessments testes at the end of every session.3.Personal interview training
4. Online classes can be taken at any time, anywhere as per the learner convenience & availability
Its said that language is the cornerstone of civilization and rightly so.Think about of a world where we are unable to communicate with others using language.How tedious and painstaking it would be to even communicate simple ideas?
No,matter how good you are with your communication and oratory skills there is always a room for improvement and we’ll that better orator who can communicate your ideas comprehensively and without inhibition.
The Tutor:-
Ameer Ali is a Senior HR Professional having more than 35 years of combined Corporate and Training experience and expertise. Training and Writing are his passions. Some of his Internet Articles on Education, Interview Techniques and Salesmanship have won Top Ranking and Appreciation from the comity of International Writers. Currently he is holding the Top Position among the Most Viewed Writers on the International Question – Answer Website “Quora.com”, in Three Topics ( a rare achievement !), viz. in Soft Skills, Effective Communication and Presence of Mind.
He has personally trained more than 5000 Graduates and Post Graduates, including even Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Technicians and Nurses, and helped them achieve their goals of success in their respective fields. He has imparted Corporate Training to Employees of HP, FENNER, TAFE and a few other Organisations in Effective Communication Skills and Soft Skills. All the Trainees have unanimously commended his impressive Training Techniques.
He is an Author, and his Book “Sizzling Soft Skills For Spectacular Success” has been well received by the Reading Public. One highly impressed Amazon Reader has hailed this book as a “King- maker Book !”
Braingroom Skill Center:-
We are happy to host Mr. Ameer Ali, a communication and Verbal expert for cracking placement/competitive examinations in our portal for conducting Verbal Course. Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentor ship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being an education and learning platform where we have a wide offering of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of upskilling India's youth. With 20000+ Online Leaners, 2000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and with an experience of having trained 30000+ students (Online + Offline) and expertise/Industry connects enabling 100s of Students Internships, Braingroom Skill center stands tall among competition in the online learning space as the only complete online learning ecosystem in the country.
Reviews (1)
chanda.santhosh Kumar
chanda.santhosh Kumar
26 August 2019
Having taken up schooling in my native tongue, I was not very confident in expressing myself and used to be very scared when I was tasked to give some presentation in my university.... Fast forward now I can write and talk to anyone in English confidentally...All thanks to Braingroom.

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