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Total Sessions: 26 | Total Hours: 20 Hours

1. Introduction to Python and IDE(1 Session)
Different flavors and platforms, Install Anaconda, Python IDE: Spyder, Setting your work directory, The libraries that you should know, IPython and Python Notebook
2. Introduction to Python Programming and Data Type(1 Session)
Introduction to Python Programming, Python Handson, Data Type, Tuples and Dictionary, List and Set
3. Numpy Packages and its Handson(1 Session)
Numpy Package, Creating arrays, Indexing, Data Processing using Arrays and File Input & Output.
4. Pandas Packages and its Handson(1 Session)
Introduction to Pandas Packages, Pandas Packages Handson, Create the Data frame and List and Data frame and Set and OTS Hanson
5. Data Visualization using Matplotlib Packages(1 Session)
Introduction to Data Visualization, Handson Line Graph, Pie Chart, Bar Graph and Scatter Plot, Handson Exercise using Matplotlib
6. Descriptive Statistics using Pandas(1 Session)
Introduction to Descriptive statistics and central Tendency, Measure of Dispersion, Distribution of Shape and Outliers, Descriptive Statistics Handson
7. Hypothesis ing and its Process(1 Session)
Introduction to Hypothesis, Hypothesis Formulation and Process, Errors in Hypothesis
8. Inferential Statistics using Scipy (1 Session)
Introduction to Inferential statistics, Non Parametric using Scipy, Non Parametric Handson, Parametric handsome using Scipy
9. Data Preparation Process and EDA(1 Session)
This part cover Data Preparation Process and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
10. Measurement and Scaling(1 Session)
This part cover Data Analysis, Comparative Scaling Techniques and Non Comparative Scaling Techniques
11. Data Collection and Data Treatment(1 Session)
This part cover Data Collection Methods and Data Types and Data Source error and Data Treatment
12. Correlation and Application(1 Session)
Introduction to Correlation, Product Moment Correlation and Its Application, Correlation Using Hypothesis , Correlation Handson using scipy packages
13. Questionnaire Design Process(1 Session)
This part cover Questionnaire Design Process, Application on Questionnaire Design
14. Linear Regression and it is Application(1 Session)
This part cover Linear Regression Introduction, Simple Regression using Hypothesis ing, Multiple Regression and it is an Assumption, Simple and Multiple Regression Handson using Python codes
15. Probability and its Bayes Theorem(1 Session)
This part cover Probability Introduction and its Application, Bayes Theorem using Probability
16. Discrete Probability Distribution(1 Session)
Discrete Probability Distribution - Binomial and Poisson, Hypergeometric Distribution and its Application
17. Continuous Probability Distribution(1 Session)
This part cover Continuous Probability, Uniform, Normal and Exponential Distribution, Application of Continuous Probability Distribution
18. ANOVA - Analysis of Variance(1 Session)
This part cover ANOVA Using Hypothesis ing, Handson using Python
19. ANCOVA - Analysis of Covariance(1 Session)
This part cover ANCOVA using Hypothesis ing and Handson
20. Discrimiant Analysis(1 Session)
This part cover Discriminant Analysis and its Application and Handson using Python
21. Logistic Regression(1 Session)
Logistic Regressions Methods and Application and Handson using Sklearn Packages
22. Time Series(1 Session)
This part cover Components and Smoothing and Forecasting Methods and Handson
23. Factor Analysis(1 Session)
This part cover PCA and Rotation Method, Real Time Case Study and Hands on Using Sklearn
24. Cluster Analysis(1 Session)
This part Hierarchical Clustering, Non Hierarchical Clustering and Handson Using Cluster Analysis
25. Data Architecture (1 Session)
This part cover Data Architecture and Data Warehousing and Multidimensional Model
26. Association Rule - Apriori Algortithm(1 Session)
This part Apriori Algorithm, Market Basket Analysis and Handson using Apriori Algorithm
This course is designed exclusively to cater to universities as a stand alone curriculum
The course is made up of three facets - Curriculum, projects and Internships - to give students a well rounded education
The course is designed to be completely flexible both in pedagogy and pricing. Students can avail only those facets of the course which they are interested in i.e; either Course or projects or internships or any combination for the above three at corresponding price
Course Training - 35% of total price
Projects Sessions - 40% of total Price
Internships - 15% of total price.
The course is taken by Dinesh Babu a CBAP certified professional and a Senior Business Analyst. He undertakes Data Analysis Training for Indian as well as students overseas. During his teaching with spans over 8 years, his deep knowledge and expertise on the subject has won his several awards the most notable of which is the Best Data Science Teacher in Delhi- 2017.
This course gives an introduction into the field of business intelligence and business analytics-domains which extensively use data to take decisions. The course delves into statistics, quantitative analysis, exploratory predictive models, and fact-based management which are indispensable tools for any aspiring data scientist/analyst.
Following are the specialties of the program:
1. We have a live prime time questions support in the app itself with the tutor (
2. 20 minute rule Quiz questions on topics learned in the interval of every twenty minutes
3. Weekly assignments and prereading / post reading content will be shared as project material
4. Curated course conducted with inputs from industry experts
5. Internship opportunities for students qualifying the final evaluation, We are partnering with several tech startups across India to give students real time work experience
6. Internship with various startups in India for individuals who clears Company's assessment
7. Tutor time Live Q & A Session with Tutor once a week
8. Online classes can be taken at any place and at any time as per the learner's convenience & availability
“In God we trust, all others bring data”-W. Edwards Deming
Nothing captures today’s business world better than the above aphorism. The good old days of “gut feeling” management is gone. Acceleration of technology has obliterated friction for obtaining information and rendered the world glut with data. Just google about any obscure thing you want to know about and google would churn up atleast 100s of results. Thus, it becomes imperative to isolate signal from noise.
If you feel that “what my customers are doing as opposed to what they are saying on surveys” or what kind of discounts and at what time would lead to higher conversion” are important questions to answer then you are on the right path.To take you further down this road-Enter Braingroom’s
Python and MongoDB course with a special focus on Data Mining, Data Analytics and Data Mining. What better way to learn these skills than real world experience. We’ll help you to nurture and hone your skills through International remote Internships.
The Tutor:-
Dinesh Babu ,B.Tech,MBA,Ph.D with dual specialization in Finance and Operation. He completed Ph. D. in Data Analysis from BITS, Pilani. Currently,a Senior Business Analyst in a MNC.His zeal and passion for up-scaling youth has propelled him into teaching and the 8 years that followed has seen him get several awards and citations.
Braingroom Skill Center:-
We are happy to host Mr. Dinesh Babu energetic tutor in our portal for conducting Machine Learning through Python. Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentor ship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being an education and learning platform where we have a wide offering of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of upskilling India's youth. With 20000+ Online Learners, 2000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and with an experience of having trained 30000+ students (Online + Offline) and expertise/Industry connects enabling 100s of Students Internships, Braingroom Skill center stands tall among competition in the online learning space as the only complete online learning ecosystem in the country.
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25 August 2019
Being a BBA graduate and an aspiring Data Analyst , this course helped me build strong understanding in both the technical and Business aspects of the Data mining, data warehousing and Data Analysis. The project sessions were an icing on the cake, working on the case studies and real world problems was a huge learning curve and gave a realistic look at what happens in the industry.

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