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Total Sessions: 46 | Total Hours: 30 Hours

1. Rocket launch your Resume(1 Session)
Tips on how to create a great resume. Watch till the end for LinkedIn job search tips and freebies
2. Permutation - 1(1 Session)
Permutation - Problems with Constraint & Formula-Based Approach
3. Permutation - 2(1 Session)
Permutation - Problems with Constraint & Other than Line Arrangement
4. Mixtures and Allegation(1 Session)
Mixtures and Allegation Problems - Formula-Based Approach
5. Absolute Value(1 Session)
Numbers and Number Line
6. Work/Rate(1 Session)
Formula-Based Approach
7. Probability(1 Session)
Mathematically, Probability Measures the likelihood of an event happening.
8. Distance, Time, Speed - 1(1 Session)
Formulas, Concepts, Illustrations
9. Distance, Time, Speed - 2(1 Session)
The General Method
10. Geometry(1 Session)
.Angles, Lengths, and Areas are the basic measures in Geometer
11. Co-ordinate Geometry(1 Session)
Forming Equations of lines, Short Distance, Identifying Right Angles, Interpreting Graphs, Quadrants, Identifying a line connecting two points
12. Data Sufficiency(1 Session)
Data Sufficiency Problems
13. Combination(1 Session)
First Approach - Number of Constrained Cases and Second Approach - Number of combinations in the normal way i.e. without Constraints.
14. Number Series - 1(1 Session)
Number Series Solutions
15. Number Series - 2(1 Session)
Number Series Solutions
16. Work/Rate(1 Session)
General Formula for solving Work/Rate Problems
17. Ratios(1 Session)
Express Ration in terms of Actual Value and Numerator and Denominator
18. Functions(1 Session)
Use Notation to express functions.
19. Sequences(1 Session)
Terms of the Sequences
20. Miscellaneous Arithmetic(1 Session)
Miscellaneous Arithmetic Factors & Solutions
21. Statistics(1 Session)
Statistics Solutions
22. Miscellaneous Algebra(1 Session)
Algebra General Approach
23. Fraction(1 Session)
What is Fraction, Practical use of Fraction, Types of Fraction, Various Fractions etc.,
24. Algebraic Equation(1 Session)
Algebraic Equation
25. Area(1 Session)
26. Simple Interest and Compound Interest(1 Session)
Compound Interest and Difference between Simple & Compound Interest
27. Average(1 Session)
Average and its Application
28. Ages(1 Session)
Ratio & Proportion Problem on Ages
29. Profit and Loss(1 Session)
Profit and Loss Core Concept and Usage
30. Percentage(1 Session)
Percentage and its application
31. Time & Work(1 Session)
Concept and Methods
32. Pipes & Cistern(1 Session)
Pipes & Cisterns Problems and Concepts & Method
33. Boats & Streams(1 Session)
Upstream and Downstream concepts
34. Height & Distance(1 Session)
Height & Distance
35. Analogy(1 Session)
Analogy Logical Reasoning and Analogy Problems
36. Letter Gap(1 Session)
Letter Gap
37. Coding-Decoding(1 Session)
Coding & Decoding
38. Classification(1 Session)
Odd one out
39. Dictionary Arrangement(1 Session)
Dictionary Arrangement
40. Order & Ranking(1 Session)
Order & Ranking
41. Blood Relation(1 Session)
Solve Blood Relation Problems, Family Tree
42. Direction & Distance(1 Session)
Direction & Distance
43. Word Formation(1 Session)
Knowledge of Vocubulary
44. Logical Word Sequence(1 Session)
Logical Word Sequence
45. Letter Series(1 Session)
Letter Series
46. Syllogism(1 Session)
Various types of Relationship: All, Some and None
This course is designed exclusively to cater to universities as a stand alone curriculum
The course is made up of three facets - Curriculum, projects and Internships - to give students a well rounded education
The course is designed to be completely flexible both in pedagogy and pricing. Students can avail only those facets of the course which they are interested in i.e; either Course or projects or internship or any combination for the above three at corresponding price
Course Training - 41% of total price
Question Bank - 59% of total Price.
This Aptitude course has been designed for both college students attending placement tests and students attending other competitive examinations also. It covers basic to advanced Aptitude topics. The course & mock tests will help you refresh and practice your knowledge of general Aptitude. This Aptitude course helps students to get prepared for aptitude questions of all sorts and make them proficient in self-assessment and personalized interviews. Our faculty Mr.Srinivasan Vaidyaraman is having good experience in placement training and will you crack placement exams of all major companies. Each and every session has mock questions from previous placement papers and competitive examinations.
- Class Type: Online
- No. Of Sessions: 40
- Class Duration: 40 Hours
Are you intimidated by competitive exams? Do you feel that you are slower than others when it comes to cracking problems? Don’t worry we got you covered…
With our tailored content and active support system,learn from first principles,build a strong foundation and never again be shy of acing a competitive exam.
The Tutors:-
Srinivasan Vaidyaraman has 10 years of experience in teaching Aptitude. He has completed M.S (Computer Science), Grad.CWA. He has worked as a Content Developer for CAT from June 2009 to Apr 2015 at Brilliant Tutorials. Currently, he is the founder of Svarna Holistic Solutions. He has experience in developing questions for Data Interpretation and Math for CAT Course. He has been developing content for CAT, GRE, and GMAT Course. He has also taken 1000s of Aptitude Workshops for placements for college students across India. He is famous for his shortcuts and simple methods for solving complex aptitude problems. An IIT-Alumni, a successful entrepreneur, an electronics industry expert online tutoring experience in 8 portals - these are just a few highlights of our tutor Mr. Rakesh Agarwal's multifaceted career. He is an educator by passion, a professional by corporate experience and an entrepreneur by choice. He is one of the top Aptitude trainers for placements and competitive examinations in the country.
Braingroom Skill Center:-
Braingroom is happy to host these Aptitude wizards' online course in its portal. We are sure that this well-rounded course will help 1000s of students to get their dream jobs. Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentorship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being a learning and opportunity connect platform for various tech and skill topics in the form of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of upskilling India's youth. With 20000+ Online Learners, 2000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and with an experience of having trained 30000+ students (Online + Offline) and expertise/Industry connects enabling 100s of Internships and distributor connects, Braingroom Skill center stands tall among competition in the online skill learning space as the only complete online learning ecosystem in the country.
Reviews (1)
Yash Pandey
Yash Pandey
27 August 2019
Flunking out on GRE thrice was hugely discouraging and while i was on the verge of giving up my career counselor suggested I try out this course.Their simple and step by step approached, large varieties of question, agile doubt clarification support team and personal course mentors gave the right push and motivation to see my prep to the end and crack GRE successfully.

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