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Total Sessions: 45 | Total Hours: 55 Hours

1. Introduction to android(1 Session)
This video explains all the basics, that you need to know to proceed with the course.
2. Introduction to Different Types of Application(1 Session)
This video explains - Planning the application, Static, Dynamic, Web services & Types of activities
3. Introduction Root Views(1 Session)
This video explains - Relative, Frame, Linear Layout, Scroll View & Usage – Pros & Cons
4. Introduction to Views - P2(1 Session)
This video explains - Text View, Image View, Button, Text Input Layout, Edit Text & FAB
5. Introduction to Views - P3(1 Session)
This video explains - Information on attributes of All Remaining Views
6. Activity Life Cycle(1 Session)
This video explains - Toasts, Snackbar & Logs
7. Designing the First Application, Toolbar & Me(1 Session)
This video explains - Buttons, TextViews, Edit Text, Changing text view data on button click. Adding, Changing Themes, Full Screen Themes, Accessing Menu, Context Menu & Popup Menu.
8. Intents(1 Session)
This video explains - Explicit & Implicit, Opening New Activites, Passing Data Between Activities, Start Activity for result, Passing Bundles & Allowing other apps to start your activity
9. Fragments & Dialogs(1 Session)
This video explains - Creation, Back stacks, Usage in Activities & Separate Usage
10. Interfaces(1 Session)
This video explains - Creation & Usage, Passing Data between fragments & Activity
11. Coordinator Layout(1 Session)
This video explains - Types & Examples
12. Navigation Drawer Activity Part - 1(1 Session)
This video explains - Creation, Different Folder structure, Handling the Design & Handling The Menu
13. Navigation Drawer Activity Part - 2(1 Session)
This video explains - Connecting Fragments, Traversing through the Menu & Opening Fragments & Activities Separately
14. Data Storage(1 Session)
This video explains - Shared Pref, Internal Storage, External Storage & SqlLite
15. Camera & Permission(1 Session)
This video explains - Camera & Permission
16. Location & Permission(1 Session)
This video explains - Location & Permission
17. Internet & Permission - Designing a sample (1 Session)
This video explains - Checking Internet availability, Checking Wifi Information
18. Advanced UI(1 Session)
This video explains - GridView, Spinner, SearchView, FAB Button, CardView, Swipe ,Refresh Layout, Datepicker & TimePicker
19. JSON & GSON(1 Session)
This video explains - Custom Bean
20. Volley Request(1 Session)
This video explains - Sending Data, Receiving Data & Web services
21. RecyclerView & Adapter(1 Session)
This video explains - Custom Layout & ArrayLists
22. Auto Complete Text View(1 Session)
This video explains - Array Adapter & Filters
23. Building A Sample Application(1 Session)
This video explains - RecyclerView, Search View, Auto Complete & Passing Data Into Activities
24. Services(1 Session)
This video explains all the Services
25. Broadcast Receivers(1 Session)
This video explains - Internal & Manifest
26. Multimedia - Part 1(1 Session)
This video explains - Video - Recording & Displaying, Audio - Recording & Playing & Supported Formats
27. Maps Activity(1 Session)
This video explains - Showing Data in Maps, Handling Click Events & Cluster
28. Async Tasks, Handler, Runnable(1 Session)
This video explains - Making a Splash Screen
29. Creating a Login App And taking User Informat(1 Session)
This video explains - Types & Demos
30. Login via Google & Facebook(1 Session)
This video explains - Google & Facebook Login
31. Intent Filters & App Links(1 Session)
This video explains - Login App And taking User Information
32. Creating An Email Activity Like GMAIL(1 Session)
This video explains - Creating An Email Activity Like GMAIL
33. Applying Styles(1 Session)
This video explains - Applying Styles
34. Animations (1 Session)
This video explains - Animations
35. SQLLite - Part 1(1 Session)
This video explains - CRUD Operations
36. SQLLITE - Part 2(1 Session)
This video explains - CRUD Operations
37. ORM Lite(1 Session)
This video explains - ORM Lite
38. Bluetooth(1 Session)
This video explains - Controlling Local Bluetooth Device, Discovering & Connecting with Devices, Managing Connections & Communicating with Bluetooth
39. Job Scheduler(1 Session)
This video explains - Job Scheduler
40. Different Types of Notifications and Their handling(1 Session)
This video explains - Different Types of Notifications and Their handling
41. Widgets(1 Session)
This video explains - Creation, Types & Handling
42. Tablyout & View Pager(1 Session)
This video explains - Tablyout & View Pager
43. Event Listeners(1 Session)
This video explains - Text Watcher, Click, Long Click, Item Selected & Focus Change
44. Firebase Setup & Hosting the App(1 Session)
This video explains - Sending Messages From Firebase Console, Sending Messages From PHP and Developer Console permissions, Signing & Uploading on Playstore
45. Finger Print Authentication(1 Session)
This video explains Detecting fingerprint for login, Long press on app icon, App activity shortcut & Notification Channel
This course is designed exclusively to cater to universities as a stand alone curriculum
The course is made up of three facets - Curriculum, projects and Internships- to give students a well rounded education
The course is designed to be completely flexible both in pedagogy and pricing. Students can avail only those facets of the course which they are interested in i.e; either Course or projects or internship or any combination for the above three at corresponding price
Course Training - 35% of total price
Projects Sessions - 40% of total Price
Internships - 15% of total price.
Are you looking for an online course to learn the nuances of Android App Development within a month hands-on from basics to advanced and ace competition to get your dream job with a great internship experience? If yes, then you are at the right place. Last year alone around 3 million Android jobs have been posted in various job sites. This course has been exclusively designed for 3rd and final year students by capturing all the practical industry requirements for jobs like this and to start coding from day one. So far Braingroom has trained around 20000 students, both online and offline across India on Android App Development itself. Join one of the largest Android learning community in the country today!
The course is completely crafted and handled by industry experts who have started their own companies in App Development Industry. Mr Siddhant Chandgothia, CEO of Turtle eye Technologies and Ms. Lochana Tejas, CEO of Kolam Apps Private Ltd are partially taking this course in order to give live market experience to students. In the first 25 sessions for 27 Hours, you will learn the complete theory in building different applications for Android. In the last 23 sessions for 28 Hours, you will be introduced to the advanced theory of building applications for Android. This is where you will acquire in depth knowledge of the Android platform and understand the development of Android Applications. The course will be available in Video format which the students can access anytime with their unique user id and password.
Following are the specialties of the program:
1. We have a live prime time questions support in the app itself with the tutor
2. 20minute rule Quiz questions on topics learned in the interval of every twenty minutes
3. Weekly assignments and prereading / postreading content will be shared as project material
4. Curated course conducted with inputs from industry experts
5. Internship opportunities for students qualifying the final evaluation, We are partnering with several tech startups across India to give students real time work experience
6. Internship with various startups in India for individuals who clears Company's assessment
7. Tutor time Live Q & A Session with Tutor once a week
8. Online classes can be taken at any time, any where as per the learner convenience & availability
Wondering what makes companies thrive in 21st Century?It’s customer information.But in this data obsessed world of our,real customer insights are at a premium.Thus,every company,right from the Davids to Goliaths of the industry are pivoting towards an app driven product/service.
As the next generation leaders, it’s of essence that you stay on top of these tech trends.To give you that edge we have designed Android App Development course specifically curated to MBAs and BBAs,to give you a comprehensive understanding of both technical and Business aspects of what goes into making an App.
Also we believe that there is no learning without getting your hands dirty.Thus,to help our students develop on- the-job skills we provide international remote internships.
The Tutors:-
Mr Siddhant Chandgothia, CEO, TurtlEye Technologies is a dynamic entrepreneur who Believes in simplifying and enhancing our lifestyle with great technical applications. He has built 100s of Applications for global companies and is one of the youngest Android expert in the country. Mrs. Lochana, Managing Director, Kolam Apps is an young and energetic women entrepreneur who spends equal amount of time in building applications and also in training students on Android App Development. She is known for her simple and elegant way of teaching coding.
Braingroom Skill Center:-
We are happy to host Mr. Siddhant Chandgothia and Mrs. Lochana - 2 energetic and entreprenual experts in our portal for conducting Android App Development Course. Currently under the elite FACEBOOK SheLeadsTech India mentorship program, Braingroom has built a name for itself being an education and learning platform where we have a wide offering of multilingual online and offline classes with the vision of upskilling India's youth. With 20000+ Online Leaners, 2000+ Classes in 55+ Categories and with an experience of having trained 30000+ students (Online + Offline) and expertise/Industry connects enabling 100s of Students Internships, Braingroom Skill center stands tall among competition in the online learning space as the only complete online learning ecosystem in the country.
Reviews (1)
Sai Pawar
Sai Pawar
26 August 2019
Being a Product Manager Intern, I find myself constantly rubbing shoulders with tech guys and it was really difficult for me to communicate my ideas with them given my non-tech background...but all that changed post this course. Elegantly designed and gradual progression with plenty of examples make it easy to take it up even for next techies

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