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Total Sessions: 29 | Total Hours: 25 Hours

1. Percentage(1 Session)
Percentage and its application
2. Average(1 Session)
Average and its Application
3. Profit and Loss(1 Session)
Profit and Loss Core Concept and Usage
4. Simple Interest and Compound Interest(1 Session)
Significance of Simple & Compound Interest and Difference between Simple & Compound Interest
5. Algebraic Equation(1 Session)
Algebraic Equation
6. Height & Distance(1 Session)
Height & Distance
7. Ratios(1 Session)
Express Ration in terms of Actual Value and Numerator and Denominator
8. Ages(1 Session)
Ratio & Proportion Problem on Ages
9. Time & Work(1 Session)
Concept and Methods
10. Direction & Distance(1 Session)
Direction & Distance
11. Distance, Time, Speed - 1(1 Session)
Formulas, Concepts, Illustrations
12. Distance, Time, Speed - 2(1 Session)
The General Method
13. Geometry(1 Session)
Angles, Lengths, and Areas are the basic measures in Geometry
14. Blood Relation(1 Session)
Solve Blood Relation Problems, Family Tree
15. Parts of Sentence(1 Session)
Functional English Grammar
16. Parts of Speech - 1(1 Session)
17. Parts of Speech - 2(1 Session)
Pronoun, Adjective & Article
18. Parts of Speech - 3(1 Session)
The Verb
19. Parts of Speech - 4(1 Session)
The Adverb
20. Parts of Speech - 5(1 Session)
The Preposition
21. Parts of Speech - 6(1 Session)
The Conjunction & The Interjection
22. Verbal Ability Test - I(1 Session)
Spellings, Synonyms & Antonyms
23. VAT (Verbal AbilityTest)- II(1 Session)
Error Detection Test - Nouns & Pronouns
24. VAT (Verbal AbilityTest)- III(1 Session)
Error Detection Test - Articles & Conjunctions
25. Verbal Ability Test (VAT) - IV(1 Session)
Error Detection Test - Adjective & Adverb
26. Verbal Ability Test (VAT) - V(1 Session)
Error Detection Test - Preposition I
27. Verbal Ability Test (VAT) - VI(1 Session)
Fill-in the Blanks & Error Detection Test - Preposition - II
28. Tenses I(1 Session)
Sentence Structure for each of the Tenses.
29. Tenses II(1 Session)
Tenses under Past Tense and Future Tense
This Aptitude course has been designed for both college students attending placement tests and students attending other competitive examinations also. It covers basic to advanced Aptitude topics. The course & mock tests will help you refresh and practice your knowledge of general Aptitude. This Aptitude course helps students to get prepared for aptitude questions of all sorts and make them proficient in self-assessment and personalized interviews. Our faculty Mr.Srinivasan Vaidyaraman is having good experience in placement training and will you crack placement exams of all major companies. Each and every session has mock questions from previous placement papers and competitive examinations.
Verbal course is designed and taught by Ameer Ali, Founder and Director of Ameer Associates. With 15 years of experience in teaching students, he is the most sought after Verbal trainer in the country and is highest followed person on quora in topics related to Verbal and Jon Interview Training.. This course helps you to get to master the English language and it empowers to boldly go out and express your thoughts. This course is curated keeping job placements in mind. Thus it provides intense training to crack verbal section of any competitive exam. At the end of the course, personal interview training is provided which will help you to charm your way through any Interview.
Our comprehensive course consists of
25 hours of video lectures on quantitative aptitude & verbal content
2k+ mock question
500 Interview questions with answers
Personalized learning support through WhatsApp
Aptitude is one of the key requirements in achieving various job offers or to achieve success in competitive examinations. Aptitude exam tests your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Hence, this remains the single most important tests in various examinations. We have built a comprehensive aptitude course with 40 sessions with 20 moderate sessions designed by an IIT-Alumni focused on placements and another 20 expert sessions built by 10 years experienced competitive exam guru focused on various competitive examinations. To sum up this course is the A to Z Aptitude preparatory course for all types of examinations. Enroll today!
- Certification from the most sought after verbal trainer
- Personal interview training along with verbal training
- Live webinars on mass request
The Tutors:-
Srinivasan Vaidyaraman has 10 years of experience in teaching Aptitude. He has completed M.S (Computer Science), Grad.CWA. He has worked as a Content Developer for CAT from June 2009 to Apr 2015 at Brilliant Tutorials. Currently, he is the founder of Svarna Holistic Solutions. He has experience in developing questions for Data Interpretation and Math for CAT Course. He has been developing content for CAT, GRE, and GMAT Course. He has also taken 1000s of Aptitude Workshops for placements for college students across India. He is famous for his shortcuts and simple methods for solving complex aptitude problems. An IIT-Alumni, a successful entrepreneur, an electronics industry expert online tutoring experience in 8 portals - these are just a few highlights of our tutor Mr. Rakesh Agarwal's multifaceted career. He is an educator by passion, a professional by corporate experience and an entrepreneur by choice. He is one of the top Aptitude trainers for placements and competitive examinations in the country.
The Tutor:-
Ameer Ali is a Senior HR Professional having more than 35 years of combined Corporate and Training experience and expertise. Training and Writing are his passions. Some of his Internet Articles on Education, Interview Techniques and Salesmanship have won Top Ranking and Appreciation from the comity of International Writers. Currently he is holding the Top Position among the Most Viewed Writers on the International Question – Answer Website “Quora.com”, in Three Topics ( a rare achievement !), viz. in Soft Skills, Effective Communication and Presence of Mind.
He has personally trained more than 5000 Graduates and Post Graduates, including even Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Technicians and Nurses, and helped them achieve their goals of success in their respective fields. He has imparted Corporate Training to Employees of HP, FENNER, TAFE and a few other Organisations in Effective Communication Skills and Soft Skills. All the Trainees have unanimously commended his impressive Training Techniques.
He is an Author, and his Book “Sizzling Soft Skills For Spectacular Success” has been well received by the Reading Public. One highly impressed Amazon Reader has hailed this book as a “King- maker Book !”
Reviews (17)
03 September 2020
During the course we have self assessment testes also we can check ours self before going to other things.
01 September 2020
i get the more easy trix for attending the interview.
Deepika ghotra
Deepika ghotra
22 August 2020
very easy to learn but the doubt clarefaction process is bit slow.
07 August 2020
easy tips to slove the verbal reasoning qusetions.
24 July 2020
i can see more intresting and new questions here ther is now reputation.
Paramjeet Kaur
Paramjeet Kaur
06 July 2020
Classes can have subtitles so that it will be easy for us to follow.
nikhilesh m.s
nikhilesh m.s
30 June 2020
Due to my financial issue my dad said don't take the course but after hearing the offer and about the installment mode he convinced .
20 June 2020
even after course completion they supported me in clarifying additional doubts for free
02 June 2020
if u learn this course you defnetly pass the all apptitude rounds.
31 May 2020
While doing the course we will be getting all the the details like how we can pass the Compitative Exams like CAT,GATE.GRE etc..
Prashant Sood
Prashant Sood
09 May 2020
Actually my father was not convinced for course after saying about the refund method he said ok.
22 April 2020
very nice tutor. Tutor explanation was very understandable. Thank ou braingroom to provide online aptitude course. I learn this course when I was free.
Raviraj R
Raviraj R
17 March 2020
i got the course in low price because of new year sale only but the actual cost is too high it amazing ..
RaviRaj R
RaviRaj R
03 March 2020
This course contains total 25 hours of online Recorded Training video course ,while compares to others in the timing it is very huge what they provided.
Shobha Desai
Shobha Desai
29 February 2020
Actually the cost of course is too high because of the standards but i got the great offer
18 February 2020
All questions are explained in the way like any average person will grasp the key points very fast and solve the problems.
pravin nikure
pravin nikure
15 January 2020
Main thing we can discuss about the Braingroom is the Certification ,which no institutes are providing

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