Data Innovation and Game programming

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Did you know? More than 90% of all the data over the world has been generated in the past two years. The volume of the data that the industry records and stores, gets doubled in every 1.2 years or may be more and according to the experts from the industry the amount of digital information that exists in the present time will grow from 3.2 zettabytes to 40 zettabytes by 2020.  We all search for information from different search engines, Google on its own processes more than 40 thousand search queries every second and reports also say that we generate 1.8 million Facebook likes and upload 20,000 photos which are just an average. Phew! That’s a massive amount of data in a minute, I say.

Each day people send, upload, search data every millisecond and it grows every minute. Now, what if there was no maintenance of data? Where are all the data being stored? How efficiently data processing works?  Data Innovation is the future, here.  The world needs new innovations for the data that changes every day and every hour. The main aim of data innovation is to manage, analyze and interpret colossal volumes of textual and numerical information.

Data Innovation Research Institute, one of the places where many innovations are brought in. Data innovation can be introduced in any field be it astronomy, medical, environmental, sports etc. Every information in this world is made of 0’s and 1’s i.e. the data. This could be a major transformation in the upcoming years to discover many new things, making shift interventions at the time of crisis. When we look at the changes that have happened in the past many years it gives us an indication of what and how different the world would be in the next many years.

Data Innovation in Astronomy

“I love stargazing. Well, I never stargazed with a telescope but used to look at the sky and just stare but I always wonder how many are they?” it’s obvious that every person on the earth is curious to know more about stars, what are they? How many are they? How are they formed?

Imagine the amount of data collected from an ancient Babylon image to the present day and all that data is expressed in a number of bits, what would the number be like? Now, that would be astronomical and also every year the data gets doubled and so let’s say it’s impossible to know the number.  All the data about the stars and whatever that’s away from the earth would be recorded date to date or say minute to minute. Hat tips to the telescopes that are the reason for all the data being recorded. Over the past few years telescopes are being built 30 times larger than the previous year and also the detectors would be 3,000 times powerful in terms of pixels. It can collect almost 100 times more data than that possible in the previous years. It’s important to do so because every year the count gets larger and would be a bit tough to capture and analyze.

Data Innovation in biological

When two different fields meet together is nothing more astonishing. “Data meets biology” this is the next big boom in data innovation. One of the biggest things that are happening is the invention of conventional light microscopy which follows the migration of a subset of individual cells in organs. There are two other techniques which are getting better Two-photon microscopy techniques, used in conjunction with image analysis, allow researchers to routinely generate all cell data sets of developing embryos or organs.

These developments will be the big stones to generate enormous datasets which are bigger than those that currently exist in molecular biology. Well, the process is so huge that one day might not be sufficient to study that and it takes a lot of biological knowledge to go into the depth of the each subject.

We all play video games and there more than 2 billion people who play, more than 200 million users and generates 50 terabytes approximately each day. When we play a game we have to control many things especially in arcade games. Game Programming is a software development of video games. It also requires substantial skills in software engineering and specialization in simulation, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, audio programming, and input.

Generally, Game programming begins with game design. The design is very essential in the process of game programming and usually, starts with series of experiments. For basics, it’s better to start with C language if you want to code or write instructions for a particular game.

Programmers are required to produce prototypes of gameplay ideas and features. These are basically developed in a very less time for up-front design which acts as a proof of concept.  When you have the game design, production would be the “action” where the programmers are supposed to create source code. They do it with the help of design of game known as the “design document”.  Do we ever write a test without knowing what it is, no right? It’s the same way when it comes to production, design document works like a “living document” for the programmers who write the source code. And we don’t know how well we have prepared for the exam without testing ourselves, so does in this process of game programming. 

If suppose, data innovation had an impact on game programming it would be huge, I believe. In fact, whatever we play is related to data. We all know about the game Farmville, it’s the most played game as for now. What do we do in that? Build a farm, construct it, repair it, and you earn coins and the process continues. For each person there is so much of data to be stored and imagine there are like 2 billion people who might be playing it all over the world and all that data would have to be stored and so, storing the data, managing it in an efficient way is something we all should be looking for.

We are living in a world where everything we see or use is of 0’s and 1’s, basically, everything is data. There was a time when we couldn’t find a solution to put a rocket in a space and there was no cure for cancers or AIDS. Now, we send two satellites every now and then into space, NASA is one of the most appreciated agency for their new innovations in data and we have the cure for almost every disease, surgeries are done in the most advanced way which is nothing but data innovation.  Well, they say nothing is “impossible” but the word itself says “I’m possible” it’s just the perspective of how you see it and how deep you can go into it.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”

 -----Carly Fiorina