Top 10 Online Courses

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Most people would agree that they are yet to peak their ability to their potential. With various constraints like time, cost, and accessibility, it can be tricky trying to pick a skill. That’s where online courses come into the picture. Online courses have helped people boost their skill-set and knowledge, without being a serious burden on their schedule. 

However, with so many courses to choose from, it can often be a confusing experience trying to choose the right one to launch a successful career. Here are some of the best online courses to boost your chances of a lucrative career:

1. Web Development

A career that rewards those with perseverance and discipline, it is an ever-changing field, with opportunities aplenty. Start with front end courses: HTML, CSS and JavaScript before moving to back end. Web development allows you to showcase your creativity, talent for building and offers you a chance to be independent through free-lancing.

Here’s a very well-received course that should teach both sides of web-development.

2. Programming Languages

Learning programming languages like Java, Python, C++ help the framework for most software jobs. Each language offers its own unique set of perks and caveats, with no option truly the better option. And in any case, shifting between the languages will be easier with experience. Regardless of your starting language, a rewarding career is guaranteed.

3. Lean Six Sigma

A mid-career option when compared to the other options in the list, but one that gives tremendous weight to any resume that it is present in. Lean Six Sigma is a practical tool you can use to minimise wastage and maximise efficiency. Online courses are plenty but keep an eye on the certification.

For a course taught by reputed professionals, head to this link.

4. Mobile Development

With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, most companies are looking for developers to port their ideas to mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Get started with the appropriate programming language before stepping up to learning the IDE. Most courses, like this highly rated one, will teach you from scratch to a level where you can start crafting your own application.

5. AutoCAD

A very essential modelling software for Civil, Mechanical and Production engineers that can be easily picked up. It will act as your medium of communication in your job. In almost all industries, the footprints of a CAD software will be present. From buildings to computer chips, this will be the one-stop design solution that you could provide.

6. InDesign and Photoshop

The pair form a formidable base of graphic designing, a field that is inviting active and creative minds to join. Learning the software will only be the first steps, in a career that will be just as rewarding as it is challenging. A fledgling domain, it too offers options of freelancing and self-employment, in addition to the abundant opportunities found in various sectors.

7. Soft Skills

Often times you may actually have the technical acumen to succeed in a reputable profession, but lack in the soft skills necessary to accomplish that. Taking courses to fix your communication, social or leadership deficiencies, can go a long way into fixing these issues. They may not be the most challenging or complex course to undertake, but they will definitely prove their money’s worth.

8. Digital Marketing

A relatively new field that is offering employment in abundance, it is the perfect job for the digitally active. The best part about this field is that, picking up the skills necessary to flourish, can be easily accomplished through online courses.

9. Data Science

A field that is catching up with the times, data science offers a plethora of opportunities to those willing to invest time into it. Knowledge of R or Python will be necessary to access the various libraries. Positions involving data-mining, data-scrapping and data-analysis are common after completing data science courses.

10. AI & Machine Learning

The nascent couple of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are predicted to find their place amongst the most important fields in the immediate future. The pair offers a chance to work in an emerging field with ground-breaking technology. The skills required to take up a job in this field can easily be found online, all it takes is the effort.