Getting Started with Android App Development

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As the world’s most popular operating system, Android offers a tremendous eco-system to kick-start your career. Recently overtaking Windows in terms of active online users, working as an Android App Developer is a safe and interesting career option. As most companies look to expand their offerings to mobile environments, now is the best time to invest in your skills as an Android Developer. But as it is often the case with fields so vast, it can be difficult to understand the pre-requisites to become a dev. 

So join us, as we look at the skills necessary to become a fledgling app developer


Java is the programming language in which you will be writing the application. Knowing Java will be essential for developing Android Applications. Java is a simple programming language to pick-up and is often the first language of many programmers. Understanding the syntax, being aware of necessary concepts and writing clean code will be paramount to your journey as an Android App Dev. Courses for this are aplenty and are definitely value for money. 

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Android Studio and SDK

Android Studio is the official IDE (integrated development environment) of Android. It is here you will be developing your applications. Android Studio will fulfil all your requirements as the platform of app development. It is capable of compiling, running and building your code, testing and debugging the app and finally emulating the application.

Using the SDK (software development kit) you can access the various API and software libraries. The plethora of modules allows developers an easy route to the various functionalities of the OS.


XML is the primary mark-up language of Android. To properly facilitate User-Interface and User Experience, knowledge of XML is tantamount. From designing layouts to parsing data, XML will act as your language of action. While not the most essential skill in the list, it is often the differential between a good app and a great app. It can be easily picked up through online courses.

Here's a very popular XML course.

Additional Skills

Diversity is a common theme with application development and hence, an Android developer’s skill set is always broadening. In the long run, it’s worth investing time into Google’s Material Design Philosophy, to make apps that don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.  For apps that deal with data, DBMS (database management systems) like SQLite will help greatly simplify the storing, sorting and exporting of values. For game development, especially one involving 3-D models will involve game engines like Unity, Unreal etc.

The process of learning never stops, only redirects. Although the basic framework remains the same, Android Development is an ever-evolving field. Paying attention to these changes will prove to be very useful in both the short and long run. Online portals like GitHub, StackExchange and developer forums, will help you along the way and may provide with opportunities to freelance or collaborate.

With mobile app development interesting peaks of both interest and demand, now is as good a time as ever to get started with app development. Staying resolute, determined and thirsty for knowledge is all you need to make the most in this lucrative field.

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So, what are you waiting for?  A world of opportunity awaits!