User Interface Designing Was, Is and Always Going To Stay Relevant?

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What Is User interface?


User Interface is the dimension that lies between humans and machines and web interface is interaction between the user and software running on a web server.


Evolution of User Interface


Initially the web pages were plain with only text in it. These were created only by tech enthusiasts for other tech enthusiasts



The boom in the web space came with the introduction javascript and CSS which brought life to the pages and made them attractive.



Designs have always improved ever since and pages becoming better because of the number of people learning UI UX.



Evolution of the Web Pages


The Web pages have come far from the early days where the pages contained only text. Designs and animations have the made web pages more aesthetically pleasing. Technology has constantly evolved and knowledge of these new and old technology will always be in demand as long as there are web pages so learn user interface design and be a part of this growth.




HTML and CSS are the foundational languages of web. HTML is a markup language which is used to develop web pages. CSS defines the presentation of document written in HTML.

Regardless of what your profession is knowledge of HTML and CSS can make a big difference in your career, it’s like learning a foreign language. Learning web designing from scratch is not very hard as HTML and CSS are the easiest programming languages to learn and do not need any prior knowledge of computer science.

Existing and freely available templets make it easier to create website, but knowledge of HTML and CSS will help make your website unique. Learning web designing at home or school or office is possible and it is Quintessential to starting a career in web design/development. These are also gateway to other programming languages like Javascript, PHP, SQL.




Javascript is relatively easier to learn if learned properly as it is a high level language. All you need to start is a browser, saving the pain of setting up environment, code editors and compilers. It is the most popular programming language in the world as it has managed to get into all browsers.

As per the StackFlow Developers Survey, for six years running Javascript has been the most commonly used programming language.



As per the StackFlow Developers Survey, for six years running Javascript has also been among the top 2 most wanted languages



It’s the reason behind the aminations and interactive elements on the websites, without it web pages will not be anything more than a bunch of blank boxes.



With good knowledge of Javascripts one can make money by finding bugs on sites of big companies.



Javascritps exist everywhere as nodejs in server, in all browsers, in IoT devices, it is used to make desktop apps, it power smart TVs.


So after this, if you are wondering how to learn web designing online?

Look no further enroll into this course right now! 

In the course you will get web designing learning videos, guidance on UI designing from experts, live projects on UI designing and internships on UI designing. Still having doubts about it? Hmmm … What about jobs ?? Read on…


Job Openings

Because internet is everywhere the need to web developers, web designers and web experience specialists is unquenchable as it can be seen from the job opening on a few job sites.

For Developer with Javascript skills has  52000+ openings. 52000!! You can choose wherever and whatever you want to work on as there are that many different roles available all across the country.

For Web Designers in there are 10000+ Openings. User Interface experts are always going to be in need even when all other fields are loosing jobs to AI.




With web pages being an integral part of our life jobs and salaries are always good




With higher skills pay scales keep increasing as it can be seen





There are 200 million sites on the web and therefore the demand of web designers is never shrinking. The applications used by designers to design web interface are constantly improved upon but the role never ceases to exist! Role of user interface designing was,is and going stay relevant as long as the web forever. So if you are someone who still does not know how to design enroll now! 


Course Duration & Fees


The course by Braingroom has been set up to be completed in 16 hours split across 10 online sessions

The course is light on the pocket either with the course fee being just ₹3999. So what are you waiting for?