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AWS is a Cloud Computing Platform created by Amazon, which offers a wide variety of ‘Computing powers’, ‘Database storage solutions’, ‘Content delivery platforms’ and lot of other functionalities which provide a lot of value to the business. You can scale and grow your Business without having to buy multiple servers and host them in your data centres.

From database warehousing to deployment tools, AWS has every type of servers for your need.

Say you want to launch an application, you will invest money to buy some servers and upload your application on it. You are targeting some minimal number of users, but your application goes viral overnight and it puts a huge load on your servers and now you have to buy more servers to accommodate the load. Additionally, servers are machines and prone to wear and tear and breakdown and you have to hire a maintenance team as well.

But with AWS, you are free of all these issues as it has a stack of servers that can cater to your requirements. You don't have to buy huge servers. You can simply use the AWS servers for as long as you need and pay only for that time. 

AWS provides Infrastructure, Platform, Software and Database as services using AWS load balancer.




  1. According to a research by Gartner, AWS holds 51% share in Cloud computing space. In-fact AWS is 10 times bigger than its closest competitors. Amazon clearly wins the AWS vs Azure battle in terms of market share.
  2. AWS is the industry Gold Standard when it comes to Cloud Computing Services. AWS provides services for everybody – Web Developer. Database Admin, System Admin, IoT Developer, Big Data Analyst, AI Developer, App Developer etc. Every aspect of technology is available at a click.

  3. They also offer a very secure and reliable environment. They have also recorded the minimum downtime amongst all their competitors.

  4. You can easily achieve Global connectivity with AWS. You can deploy your application in multiple areas across the world which will decrease your app's latency and help you provide better experience to your users.

  5. AWS is highly cost effective. You only have to pay for the time that you are using the resources. There are no long-term commitments. So instead of spending on stacking up and maintaining your servers, you can focus on your customers.




There is a huge demand for AWS cloud and data specialists and this demand is only going to increase.

This requirement for AWS specialists will boost as more and more business are trying to come up on the AWS platform. According to McKinsey, in 2015 a total of 77% companies were using traditional IT infrastructure. By 2018, that number has dropped below 43%.

This would mean a lot of job opportunities for alert aspirants.  Since AWS is the market leader in cloud computing Market this means that it also has the potential to provide more jobs than any other Cloud Provider. 




The latest report from shows that the number of job postings for AWS specialists far outshines those for other major players.





In 2019, Forbes came out with the list of top paying certifications. And it features two AWS certifications. AWS specialists get paid the top bucks and it is increasingly becoming a lucrative career option.






Annual Salary


Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect



PMP - Project Management Professional



Certified Scrum Master



AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associates



AWS Certified Developer - Associate



MCSE: Server Infrastructure



ITIL Foundation



CISM - Certified Information Security Manager






There are a variety of roles on offer for AWS specialists. Typically, professionals working as cloud architects get paid better than the others. The top paid positions that can help a professional earn money are:


AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect - $1,38,051

AWS Senior Cloud Solutions Architect - $1,32,092


Some of the top paying careers apart from AWS certified solution architect are:






Elastic MapReduce (EMR)


Cloud Formation


Elastic Cache


Cloud Watch






Key Management Service




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