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What is Machine Learning?

It is a field of learning associated with algorithms and statistical tools that systems use in activities without much of human intervention to formulate results based on patterns and inference.


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Why Machine Learning?

Emerging Machine Learning jobs are in IT & Automotive, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Financial Service industries. Due to the wide usage of Machine Learning the number of jobs where it is used has significantly increased. Glassdoor reports suggest that around 12000+ jobs have emerged worldwide in field of Machine Learning.


Machine Learnings applications in various industries:


Financial services - Financial companies mainly use ML for two purposes 

1. To detect frauds and help prevent it so that secured transactions are made

2. To gain insights on financial data example rise and fall of stock market.


RetailIn retail industry ML algorithms are used to analyze the customers shopping pattern and come up with personalized recommendations. This helps companies to better segment and target their customers and provide them with coupons, discounts, etc.


Health careHealth care industry uses sensors which can monitor patient’s health. This data is then fed to ML algorithms to detect any anomalies and bring this to the attention of the patient. Information recorded in sensors can also be used to analyse patterns that can be used to improve health care system.


Salary trend Analysis

 $19,860,000 thousand US dollars. Estimated global revenue of Machine Learning as a Service by 2025 by TMR report.


Cutting edge applications of Machine Learning

In today's world, digital usage plays a key role in our day-to-day life. Here are some of the examples of Machine Learning applications: 


Recommendations systems - Based on the products we have purchased online, products which we keep in our cart or products which we like, system recommends us similar products.


Virtual Personal Assistant - Alexa, Siri, Amazon Echo are examples where Machine Learning is used extensively so that these systems can help us provide information.


Email Spam and filtering - Machine Learning helps in detection of malware as almost same codes are used, and systems detect this pattern and filter it out. Similar is the case with Email filtering as Spam and Non-Spam.


Companies including Apple, Microsoft, Pinterest, Skype, Intel, IBM, HubSpot, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp rely on Machine Learning extensively for their new inventions and discoveries. Are you looking for a new job? Want to get trained in Machine Learning?

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