A Journey With and Through Jewellery Class

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The beginning of the story of how I came to join a Jewellery Class is seemingly a mundane one. There was a flyer for a workshop on the subject that came to my notice and, in an impulsive moment, I signed up for it. The prospect of taking up a new hobby did not seem so bad and I never expected anything much to come out of it. It was without much thought that I joined the class and there was no kind of expectations from my end. It was probably due to this reason that I was completely taken aback by how life-changing a class can be.
     The experience was not only informative but also rejuvenating. I unlocked a different facet of my creative faculty through the Jewellery Class. How different beads could come together to create, say, a neckpiece was a totally new concept to me. We spend a lot of time wearing and looking at jewellery but we put in very little thought about how it is made. The basic learning process was so fascinating that I was instantly hooked and eager to know more about this form of art. Moreover, working with other people was extremely stimulating as it motivated me to better my work and to also collectively learn from them and with them.
     What I took from the class was more than just practical knowledge – it was also the ability to look at things in a new way. It was almost as if a new aspect of my personality had been discovered: I never knew I was capable of such creation. Most of all, I felt within in me a sense of independence and renewed individuality. Learning such a skill (of such a fastidious nature) really worked in favour of my self-esteem and confidence. It seems surprising that mastery in one area can change so much in a person’s life – so much so, that it can even change a person’s outlook towards life!
     At a rudimentary level, I was, of course, eager to make bracelets and chains for myself and my loved ones. It gave me great pleasure to see others sporting expressions of my creativity with panache. It was this sense of satisfaction that gave me the idea of using my newly learned skills to empower myself financially. This thought was what propelled me to launch my label on an online platform. The ease of access that online forums give a person was the reason behind starting a home venture with the help of the internet. Customers would send me their preferences and orders on the site and I would customize them into an item of their preference. The monetary aspect was pleasing but what was more pleasing was the fact that people were paying money to buy jewellery that I had created.
     There is a business angle in the sale of any creative item, naturally. The financial gain fills the pockets of the designers and creators. Moreover, it gives them a sense of pride and self-reliance. These were the exact feelings I had when the orders started pouring in for my jewellery label. There is an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in having such a venture without any backing – such is the charm of independent entrepreneurship. Many others like me are building their livelihood upon their creative passion and reaping just benefits. It seems too good to be true but in today’s world, this is the sweet reality. Thanks to globalization and modernization, there are people worldwide – regular people like you and me – who are able to turn their lives around for the better through their personal creative ventures.