Benefits of Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation is a vibrant set of tools that are creating a buzz in the marketing world. A fast-paced area of expertise is already becoming the launch pad for an entirely new generation of marketing professionals who are using tools that will make marketing an exciting profession.

These tools will fuel the growth of marketing campaigns by streamlining their lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell, up-sell, customer retention and ROI measurement.

Large conglomerates and every other marketer have started to use this in their promotional campaigns. As this will lead your company to connect with all types of media handles and directly convert the results of the campaign.

Many traditional marketing professionals have felt that this approach is inhuman, cold and doesn’t reach the same type of goals like the conventional methods of marketing. There has been an innumerable number of successful campaigns that have burst this age-old myth. But, it is here to stay, as the results are long-term and go beyond direct methods of sales.

The best part of using this method has been the optimum usage of targeted communication. The company-client ratio stays personal, so the message gets delivered without any wastage.

  • So, small business models can put this to use as it helps them to grow by targeting their audience correctly and delivering the message using different channels.
  • If you have very little marketing resource, then this is the right tool to use. Grow your business significantly by using the right automation tools.
  • If you don’t have a team of IT professionals to be dedicated to marketing then this is the right way to start your campaigns.
  • Many companies like Hubspot, Act-On, GetResponse, Eloqua, MailChimp, and Marketo offer great platforms and they do come with free trials. You can use one of them to find your right fit! All the platform comes with email, website visitor tracking, lead management, social media, CRM, reporting and analytics.
  • Generate the right amount of ‘high-quality Leads’ and use those important marketing leads to transforming into your sales!

Now that you have got an insight into ‘Marketing Automation’ tools, you have to start applying the right methods in your marketing strategies. Make yourself look like a giant with the help of another important aspect of Automation - ‘Inbound Marketing’



It has been around since 2006, so it’s not new to the world of marketing. One of the giants in the market, Hubspot call is the “the most effective marketing method for doing business online". The biggest Forces behind this method of marketing is Content Generation, Conversion Funnel Targeting, Personalization, Cross-Channel, Integration

By using these forces we are primarily connecting with our audience using the software and thus, giving the right audience, the right message.