People Skills

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What is meant by PEOPLE SKILLS?

People skills can be defined as, the set of skills that enable a person to establish a healthy and respectful interaction and build an understanding with others. It is an ability of a person to effectively communicate, understand and empathize with another individual/ group of individuals. It is a behavioral trait that can be inborn or acquired, which speaks about a person’s mental status, education and family background. It differentiates an unpleasant person from a respectful, humble and smart one. These skills elaborate how a person would react/ handle a particular situation and how he/she would interact with other personality types. People skills, commonly known as soft skills, differentiate people on the basis of their personality types. These skills can be verbal or non-verbal.

Verbal skills include,

  • Having knowledge of correct things to say.
  • Maintaining a suitable tone of voice.
  • Ability to sound confident.
  • Command on language.
  • Avoiding incorrect pronunciation.

Non-verbal skills include,

  • Correct body language.
  • Ability to interact without speaking.
  • Having a check on facial expressions.
  • Having an ability to express and hold one’s audience with their eyes.
  • Making proper gestures.
  • Listening well and thinking before speaking.


People skills or interpersonal skills help an individual to optimize his/her potential and set up a healthy working environment. These skills include,

  • Respect: It is one of the most important skills that a person must own. Respecting others and oneself plays a crucial role in building his/ her character. A respectful person is easily communicated and understood.
  • Communication skills: These skills include attentive listening and creating the best possible understanding. Based on this understanding, choosing right words to convey one’s thoughts with clarity that could be interpreted accurately by the receiver; is the key to an effective conversation. The listener must understand the speaker’s nature and converse so to be understood aptly.
  • Empathizing skills: It is an intuitive ability to understand a person’s emotions. As the word ‘empathy’ states ‘compassion’, this ability enables a person to show compassion towards other person’s situations and connect to them on a personal level. It makes a person more human.
  • Good listening skills: Hearing and listening are not the same things. Listening is a process of hearing with attention. It is impolite to not be attentive towards a person who is speaking to you. It might even cost you his/ her respect.
  • Patience: You must have heard this phrase before that, ‘patience is the key to success’. It is a priceless ability that not only helps a person to connect well with others but also aids in achieving success in every domain. Only a patient person, who can keep up a calm composure in stressful situations, be a good leader.
  • Conflict resolution skills: These skills involve being a good mediator and dispute resolver. A person with good conflict resolving skills is one who first listens to both parties completely, without judging them mid-way; making them understand each other’s point of views and helping them arrive at same grounds.
  • Instituting positivity: Positivity is a very powerful emotion that boosts morale and drives people towards the attainment of their goals. Spreading positivity improves collective productivity and elevates one’s status among others.
  • Persuasive skills: These skills are not easily acquired, but can prove to be the most beneficial skill. It comprises of how well a person can make himself understood and obeyed by others. The degree of persuasion in a person determines the degree of his leadership skills.
  • Leadership skills: It is the combination of all the above-mentioned skills. Only a person excelling in all the above can be said to have good leadership skills.

Benefits of developing good PEOPLE SKILLS

Since we have established a good understanding of people skills, let’s recognize its benefits.

  • Helps in optimizing one’s potential.
  • Provides a distinct identity to a person.
  • Assists in building an impressive personality.
  • Aids in making successful communications with everyone.
  • Encourages healthy working environment.
  • Fosters increasing productivity.