10 New and Exciting Courses in India

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A country like India has a consistent focus like locusts on two fields, one is engineering and another one is medical. Saturation is just a word to be used as an understatement, as a matter of fact, it has outpoured with mass production houses in the form of engineering colleges, and a gradually increasing number of medical colleges.

Beyond the spectrum, there are lots of courses which might have been unheard of, or too disillusioned to be seen by the above mentioned dual options which is blocked out, by society, parents and peer pressure. The real motive of education here lies in earning money unless one is well off with a less concerned family background who are quite liberal about learning. Pathways are often different but all of it leads to in-depth learning considering the degree of seriousness imbibed into it, and surely acts as a potential to a greater deal of shining with it. The eccentric courses offered have wide branching which leads to various specializations, one can easily opt with customizations in hand.


1.    Bachelor of rural studies: If Indian villages creates a sense of interest, and more from being a tourist or visiting researcher, offering opportunities in covering animal, husbandry, farming, livestock management, animal husbandry, environmental management and community development, some colleges in Gujarat, Bihar, and U.P. have this special course, Bhavnagar college offers Masters course in rural studies situated in Gujarat.

2.    Ethical hacking: Almost everybody in the CS stream has done coding or casual hacking of friend’s social media profiles. Sometimes casual skills can also take one of serious learning like ethical hacking, there are various institutes offering different courses on various programming languages, ethical hackers are often recruited for security reasons and bigger companies, the pay packages are quite decent. Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Arizona info tech offer courses like these ranging from crash courses and full program on these.

3.    Spa management courses: Everyone deserves a relaxing massage, there are institutes in India which offer spa courses, the starting for a fresher may be low, but it increases with experience. A person with a certificate may have more pay than the ones who don’t have it, Annabels in Kerala offers such courses which is govt. approved, Ananda’s spa and a spa in Rajasthan has ties with a Bangkok spa.

4.    Puppetry: Being one of the oldest art forms it acts as a source of entertainment, a once dilapidated art being revived again, puppetry often retains stage vigor. Mumbai University offers courses and Calcutta puppet society soon launching courses like these.

5.    Tea tasting: The uniqueness of this job is to taste the tea and decide how much it is marketable, a tea sommelier can expect a Rs.50k/ month salary with courses offered in tea tasting by Indian Plantation management along with marketing skills.


6.    Public health entomology: this is the study of how insects affect human health and are often required by health officials to decide ecological probabilities of vector borne diseases from them.

Other interesting courses are photonics, gerontology, Food flavor/ food chemist and pet grooming which have high demands and are offered by various institutes all around India. The institutes offered as per the chronological order are:- 1) Photonics – IIT (New Delhi and Chennai) 2) Gerontology – TISS offers diploma courses and RamnarainRuia college (Mumbai) offers degree courses in this field 3) Food flavoring/food chemist – SRM University, Indian Institute of hospitality and management 4) Pet grooming – Fuzzy wussy professional et grooming school.